Why Are We Here?

Why am I writing this blog? Why are you sitting in that cubicle yet again? Why are you driving to another meeting? Why are you waiting for another conference call? Why do you need to get an education? Why do we get up for church on Sunday morning? Why do we serve in the community? Why do we pray for our sisters? Why do we care if a stranger knows they’re valuable? WHYYYYYY ARE WE HERE?

As Christians, we know that we are here to glorify God. We understand that we are meant to be a light; but sometimes we may wonder if we are in “full effect.” Are we being used how the Lord desires or are we slacking in so many ways, without the intention? Are we missing some sort of “sign” or are we exactly where He wants us?

Is it a lack of faith or a desire to be faithful? Maybe it is both. I want to get where the Lord wants me right NOWWWWW, but we both know that is not reality. He knows that He has some molding to do within my heart. I know that I need to humble myself before Him and let Him guide me. Through this journey I will learn so many things about my Savior AND myself. I have already learned how impatient I can be, but I’ve also seen that He answers prayers. He is teaching me and I am eager but I do not feel forsaken, by any means. Christ has revealed enough to me to keep me comforted, but not enough for me to feel that I can do this on my own.

If He came to me and told me exactly what my future would hold, then I would try to figure it all out for myself. How stressful would that be? How could my little mind comprehend and organize all the plans the Lord has for my life?

This is a blog of faith… a reflection of attempting to allow the Lord to direct my path and trusting God to articulate my future into a life that will glorify His name. This is a blog of a relationship… an authorship of what Christ has done for me, in me, and with me through many years.

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