I’ve Gone Too Far Pt. 2

“The truth is, I am powerless to stop his love for me. I did nothing to activate his goodness toward me. I am incapable of deflecting the endless showers of blessings that come from his storehouses and rain over my life. It’s all grace. Grace upon grace. God’s extravagant grace. Indeed, I am a victim of grace. And so are you.” -Robin Gunn 


My prayer for you, today, is that you can catch a glimpse of this amazing grace. I’m asking the Heavenly Father and creator of the universe to give you the slightest idea of the abundance of His mercy that He pours out for all of us. Can we look back on situations where we received forgiveness from family and friends and see that the Lord is the master of forgiveness?

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard folks rejecting Christ because they have “gone too far.” SOMEHOW, the enemy has managed to convince sinners that God’s grace won’t work for them. Sadly enough, Satan is in the background laughing as he lies to these broken souls. Unfortunately, there are even Christians who have a skewed perception of the grace and mercy that the Lord shares with us. So my question is, how can we spread awareness of this magnificent grace if we do not have a clue how powerful it is?

Remember my story about my parents accepting me with open arms, after I’d hurt them through my drug addiction? Have you had a similar experience? Maybe you’ve hurt a boyfriend, mother, grandparent, or best friend and they offered you forgiveness? It was relieving to be forgiven and accepted by my family again.

I was so amazed that all I had to do was accept their love and receive their forgiveness. If their mercy extended to such magnitude, then what about Christ Jesus? The man who is willing and able to save me from the fiery pits of hell! How great must His grace be? Do not be afraid, He is greater than the fear you have within your heart.

You ARE a victim of grace.. every minute.. every hour.. every day..



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